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Valise pour le désert

Essential to slip into your bag
  • Sleeping bag
  • Valid passport
  • See the different sections below
We provide
  • The equipment of bivouac
  • Large common tent
  • Floor mats and extra blankets
To carry his things
  • A small and light bag to have a few things at hand during the walk.
  • A soft, compact bag with a touch of minimalism to carry your belongings during the trek: it will be transported by camels.
Note It is possible to leave your suitcase at the fixed bivouac during the trek, and to travel only with the necessary to stay in the desert.
For the pharmacy kit
  • Doliprane, Antidiarrheal, essential oils.
  • Sunscreen with a strong index to withstand the sun throughout the day
  • Dressings for blisters
  • Tweezers, antiseptic
Test your shoes
Do not leave with new shoes! Remember to wear them regularly before departure so that they can be done at your foot. This will prevent blisters.
For the toiletry bag
  • Toilet paper and lighter (Toilets in nature during the trek, the paper is to burn after use)
  • Some small garbage bags (The waste is burned but it can be useful)
  • Baby wipes for a cat toilet
  • Horsehair glove for dry brushing
  • Dry shampoo and comb
  • Earplugs
  • Micellar water without rinsing
  • Micro fiber towel for space saving (Showers at fixed bivouac)
For the perfect outfit
  • Light and comfortable clothing. Choose long sleeves to protect you from the sun and breathable materials to prevent perspiration.
  • Une tenue propre et chaude pour pouvoir se changer le soir venu et être au chaud durant les veillées fraîches
  • Leggings and thermal underwear, a pair of gloves, a hat (if you leave during the "cold" months of December, January and February)
  • Walking shoes or sandals
  • Sunglass
  • Cap or head cover to avoid insolations. The best is to buy a shawl on the spot.
Le chèche The shawl is a large piece of canvas several meters long. Every nomad has one. During the day, it allows you to wrap your head inside to protect yourself from the sun, wind, and sand. At night, it stays warm. The nomad team will be happy to show you how to wear it. It is possible to acquire one directly at the fixed bivouac, before departure.
To live the desert by day
  • A big flask
  • Camera (pack in plastic bags to avoid sand)
  • Notebook to note his emotions or bite the landscape
  • Comforting snacks for soft drinks (dried fruit mixtures or chocolate bars)
To live the desert by night
  • headlamp
  • A hot water bottle for the night during the "cold" months
  • A duvet to sleep comfortably (You can sleep under a large common tent, or in a dune under the stars. Mattresses provided and additional blankets available)
What comfort temperature for down ?
  • October, March, April, May : Entre 10 et 15 °
  • November, Februar : Entre 5 et 10 °
  • December, January: Entre 0 et 5°